identify Express Route


is there a way to identify whether my Microsoft Teams traffic including access, signaling, Meetings etc. is going via Express Route or not

Any tool/commands which can run on Windows endpoint will help

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Yes, if you from a windows computer open the command prompt and run "tracert" you will see the path that your client will take from to Teams services. But this requires you to have some basic knowledge of your network setup so you know what routers are used in the express route setup.
We get response back only on first hop and rest are timed out

We have 3 Tenants, my production Tenant goes via Express route, do we need to define specific Tenant FQDN in Proxy files or .....
How can I identify route followed by other 2 Tenants

@MTayal Since the IP addresses will be same for different tenants the network path you setup should be the same. I guess your network admins turned of icmp, that is why you can't use tracert. Talk to network admins, they should be able to help out.


If the Teams is allowed to communicate directly with Teams services, it will not check the proxy pac.