Idea assistance: Private chat with management staff

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We want anyone in the company to be able to reach out to our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and ask them anything. Originally we were going to create an email and route it through a helpdesk to manage responses but I wonder if Teams would be easier. Is there anyway Teams can have a chat session that gets watched by the ELT but still stay private to that end user? i.e. peers couldn't see the chat session but all ELT members could and can respond?

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Hi @Jeff Randall   As versatile as it is, I don't know that Teams would be the best vehicle for that kind of private communication.  You could do it in individual chats if you can set up a distribution list for the exec team and I don't know if it's possible to do that (anyone know for certain?).


My first thought was that your original idea about email is the best: set up a distribution list of ELT members in Outlook and then have the staff send emails to that list.  That way the conversations stay between the ELT and the staff member.  Maybe a more experienced Teams user in the community can tell you how to do it in Teams.