Icon showing number of notifications - Mac (Not working)

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Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that the number indication (or even just an indication) on the Teams icon in the Mac is missing. 
Teams is version

On the iPad I'm getting a number on the icon & in Windows 10, a red dot (without the number). On the mac, I have to open teams to see any numbers. 

I've tried resetting the notifications to defualt (even though I'd not changed them for ages) & then deleting, clearing all files, rebooting & then reinstalling the client.

Checking with a couple of colleagues, they've also lost any form of notification on the client. 
Is this a planned removal?? If so, why?? 
I can see that some people find them irritating, but I'd rather be able to disable it, (or even enable it if the defaut is off) - than not have it at all :( 


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I’d make sure to post feedback to Microsoft of this from the help button!

@Emmadukew hi Did you get any feedback on this as it is really annoying my office too

Are there any updates on this. This feature was handy.