I want to add a dynamic M365 group to a shared channels within a Teams team

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I guess this would be a pretty common use case to add dynamic M365 groups to shared channels within Teams. Do you see any chance to make this work?

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Yes, but you have to add Teams to the dynamic M365 group.
I'm not so sure Dynamic Groups are supported in Shared Channels in the way @Thomsch seems to require...You can share a Shared channel with a Team that could be based on a Dynamic Group, but that does not imppy adding the Group to the shared channel
Thanks guys. I'm afraid I expected such an answer. I am surprised that this feature is not required by every company.
I've just hit this problem. The shared channel apparently has no way of associating itself with any 365 group... so no Apps requiring a 365 group (such as planner) can function in the shared channel. Which, for me, defeats the purpose of collaborating via a shared channel.

@Thomsch Does anyone know if this is in the roadmap or is there a voice vote? I was able to see the shared channel with I selected Collaborate in D365 but then received an error. When I tried again today the Shared Channel was gone. So bummed. This would really help with our adoption and clean-up Teams. We need the ability to connect to D365 and share the discussion and files.