I want more and more Teams taskbar icons. Three isn't enough.

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When I'm having a video meeting, and I minimize it, and I have the chat window open (which is, during my teaching remote days, 100% of the time), I have three Teams icons on my taskbar. I have one for my chat, one for the minimized meeting window and one for the maximized meeting window, which doesn't exist right now.


When I combine this with the fact that I know of no way to summon the main chat window from the meeting window, I end up just hating the Teams UI. If I'm in a minimized meeting, I have two icons, and if I need to send a quick message to someone else, I have to go down to the systray on the taskbar to open a menu and find the tiny Teams icon, which is nigh-unidentifiable because it has a big read dot over the top of it and the cyan NEW label on the bottom of it.


The big red dot is telling me I'm IN A CALL: sigh. I know, I have an always-on-top meeting window open, as well as a veritable plethora of Teams icons on my taskbar.


It's amazing how bad Microsoft is at this.

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Solution: make one window, the main chat window, and have meetings and such be tear-off tabs of that main window. If I'm in a meeting, I can just switch tabs to my chat window.