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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

I've enabled the Presenter for a student on Teams, but they are unable to share their screen

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I'm teaching high school math and to help students with their work, I make them presenters and I've taught them how to share their screens with the little arrow and the box around it. Last week, she was able to present her screen, but this week she is unable. Ironically, since she can't share her screen, I can't see what the problem is and I've never had this difficulty with a student before. Any ideas?

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First, is this student the only one unable to share?
Also what’s the students experience? What happens? Any error messages or missing options?


@adam deltinger, yes, she seems to be the only one unable to present. I've made other students in the same recurring meeting presenters and I've had no problem seeing their screens. Also, she used to be able to share her screen with both myself and our Educational Assistant. She didn't mention any messages, but I will ask her on Monday. I was wondering if there was anything in her security settings that would prohibit this?

What comes to mind here is that she have a different meeting policy assigned. Have an admin check this