I´m the admin. We did not did this - Someone has already setup Teams for your organization

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We would like to register a free Microsoft Teams account, but all the email addresses get the "Someone has already setup Teams for your organization" message when trying to log in. We´ve tried with all accounts and got nowhere. Based on all the info on the communities we believe that maybe a long time ago one account tried a Office 365, Power BI or Azure trial and that´s why the problem is happening, but it´s almost certain that the account that made that no longer exists, so step-by-step guides to cancel the suscription won´t get us anywhere, since our current accounts cannot access the service.


What can we do?

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I have encountered this before and we had to fix this by working with Office 365 Support and they were able to help us validate ownership of the domain and then get the other free subscription cancelled.

There isnt going to be another way--I would suggest you start a full office 365 trial and once that is setup try to add your vanity domain and then you can call MS Office 365 support. you are not going to get anywhere with support if you are trying to test a free service. And if you are the admin of a vanity domain-and it is really just to test--setup a sub domain for email. and signup for a trial with that email address.

@Omar Droubi We just can´t. We´ve tried to register an Office 365 trial and we get an error with "We can't finish signing you up because Office 365 Business Premium isn't currently available for your account". This happens with all of our Microsoft accounts.


I´ve tried to contact sales support for Office 365 but they don´t seem to want to help :(

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THANKKKK YOUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Ducsi 

This is what finally solved it.