I'm looking for the data that's submitted using the Updates app in Teams.

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I've found a couple sources (here's one) that indicate the data submitted using the Update app in Teams should be found at https://forms.microsoft.com/Pages/DesignPageV2.aspx but it's not there. I've checked in the My Content page at office.com and I've checked through all the tabs in the Forms portal under Recent, My Forms, etc. What's going on?  


I want to build a workflow base don 'when a form is submitted' and need this datasource. 

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@Anthony-123 Hi Anthony i made a video about this here you can find it: https://youtu.be/KXVjahhUuL8



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Thanks Paul but I'm not seeing any difference between https://www.office.com/launch/forms?auth=2 and https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPageV2.aspx. Both are showing the exact same forms under Recent.
From the Forms site, Recent and My Forms are different but neither filter is showing the form related to Updates in Teams.
If I use the Polls app in Teams, then yes I am able to see the Form submissions but only from https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPageV2.aspx > My Forms and https://www.office.com/mycontent?auth=2&home=1
Evidently Updates is acting differently for me.
Do you go via the menu or only via the urls? this is important
I'm doing exactly what you did in the video.. I'm using the URL to indicate the page I'm looking at.

Whether I go to office.com > Apps > All Apps > Forms or forms.office.com > My Forms I am not seeing any forms used in the Updates app in Teams.


I have the same issue.  I cannot see the responses in Forms in my 365 tenant. I have looked in my personal forms and in the Team group with which the form was posted in a chat. Neither show any of the forms I have made using the Teams "Updates App"... Have you had any luck with this?  Thanks!