I have been removed from my own organisation

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I seem to have been removed from my organisation when i login i get the following message:


"You don't have access to the Moditar org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your admin for more details."


However i am the admin user, the other members in my org have confirmed that they can still see my in the channel teams. - I am logged in on my phone and marked as the owner, but i cannot log in via desktop app or browser login?


Note this is only for the org where i am the admin, i can see other orgs where i am a guest.

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Same here. I

One of the other members just now started having this same issue.

@DylC011By now, this has happened to 3 people in my organization. 2 this morning on Windows; one just now on macOS.


We simply can't access our organization in Teams. We can only see another one where we are guests, but via the mobile app or the website I can't even see that one.

Yeh @DanielLobo and @RogerioJunior

Since I posted this issue, my team members are also having varied results, I have some that are fine on PC but now their phones have gone off, others in the same manner as myself, some are fine. Not too sure what is going on here.

@DylC011Yeah, very weird. We are also admins, and we lost hours today to no avail and still can't access Teams.


The only thing we found is that February is the month when the default Guest access policy was supposed to be changed:


Maybe they broke something else.

@DanielLobo  does anyone at Microsoft actually monitor these chats and can maybe give some insight? I wonder if they have insights running on the teams apps... lol

@DylC011No idea, but I'm hoping they do! I don't think many people are seeing this problem yet. There are very few results on Google and most are old. Or perhaps there's something related to our organizations that is "uncommon" and causes problems after the changes they did.

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Sorted - got on with microsoft support and the new update they did removed the Teams License access for all our users. fix: log into microsoft office admin area, go and re-select Teams License for each user.

@DylC011Thanks for your reply, it helped us.


In our case the team was previously using some free Teams license. Currently it didn't show up and just said "Unlicensed" for all users so we don't know what it was. To fix this we had to assign the "Microsoft Teams Exploratory Trial" license to everyone, which is a license that Microsoft(?) created on 2020/03/25 (for Covid purposes?).


We have no idea when (if ever) this expires, why this happened, got absolutely no warning that we know of, and wasted hours of multiple people. Great!


Thanks again, @DylC011!