I don't see an External Organization to switch to on the Mac Desktop App, but see it on the Web App

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I am have been made a guest in Teams for several organizations with whom I work. However, my desktop app does not reflect the correct organizations and I cannot access one of the organizations from the desktop app, only on the web app.


I should be connected to three external organizations on Teams. I can see those three on the web app and access all of them. However, on the Mac desktop app, I do not see the one that I was recently added to and I do see an organization that I left a long time ago still appearing.


I have tried signing out of all devices from my Microsoft account and signing back in. I have uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled it. That doesn't work either. I just want to be able to access this new organization from the desktop app and currently the only way I can access it is from my browser.



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Which version of MacOS are you using so I can share your question with the team?

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@MichalAllen I'm using Ventura 13.3.1 on a Macbook Pro M1

I rebooted this morning and now the external organization IS showing. However, the other organization that I left months ago is also still showing in the desktop app (but not in the web app).
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Helpful to know. I wanted to gather more details i.e. your MacOS prior to share with the team. I am going to have someone more knowledgeable reply.

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I am having the same problem. Please respond with the resolution.