i cant set coexistence mode on Teams admin center

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Hello everyone,


our company is being migrated from skype to teams we are in the test phase. today i realized that i couldn't select any coexistence mode except "Teams Only" can someone help me?
For example, if I select Island Mode, I get this error message: “This user is hosted in the cloud, so you cannot assign an instance of TeamsUpgradePolicy with a mode other than TeamsOnly."

can someone help please?

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Same problem here. We are having a Skype for Business Hybrid Setup with Enterprise Voice and all users are hosted on premise. If trying to change the coexistence mode "Island" to any other value we get the same error message.
Teams Only is not an option at current time, but we would like to change to SfbwithTeamsCollabandMeetings until we are ready to migrate the enterprise voice part.
Try setting it on a per user basis
Sorry forgot to mention it, I was trying to set it directly on a user.
The org-wide settings were saved without any error, but users are still in Island mode
When did you set the org-wide setting?it can take a while
I tried to set it per user and I get the same error message
I did it several hours ago and it seems that it has been applied (checked using "Get-CSOnlineUser | select UserPrincipalName, teamsupgrade*")
Using the Teams PowerShell-Module the assignment of the coexistence mode works :) The error seems to happen only using the Admin Center website.