I can't sign up for Microsoft Teams- infinite loop to nowwhere

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I've been trying to create an account and use the free MS teams.

I was able to sign up with my personal email and received an email with the headline:

Thanks for signing up for Microsoft Teams

But when I try to use it within the app, after logging in, the message "You're not on Teams yet, but you can set it up for your organization." is shown.

Whenever I try to sign up again, in the standard white login page the message "Thanks for signing up for Microsoft Teams" appears.


I've tried as well creating a new email, but the last message is shown once again.


I'm desperate, my kids are supposed to be getting homework and school information from Teams, but it doesn't work ever. 

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While I cannot speak to why you are not getting enrolled to the free version of teams, I wanted to regarding the homework piece. Has the school assigned licenses to your kids that you are trying to login? Is the school info being disseminated using teams or are just meeting invites going out? If it is a meeting invite then you are able to join the meeting via a supported browser without signing up. You wont have features like blur your background and potentially a couple of other things but besides that they should be able to join live meetings. If your kids are given accounts by their school, they should be able to login via their school credentials without having to sign up for teams. Hope this answers at least part of your question.

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@MSUseless I too am stuck in the same infinite loop!  I am "signed in" to my Microsoft account, and have installed Teams, but each time I try to use it, it tells me that I need to register!  Then, when I try to register, it says that I am already logged in to Teams.  How it is possible for a supposedly professional organisation to distribute software that fails so spectacularly to work, or make any sense whatsoever, is beyond me!  It's like a child has written this and got his pet spider to test it!  I'm reverting to using Zoom! 

Yes me too. It has happened so many times. This problem should have been fixed by now.