I Can't join a Teams Meeting

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I am trying to use the free version of Microsoft Teams to join the occasional Teams meeting invitation by Clients and colleagues.  In recent weeks I have been able to join Teams meetings by clicking the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" click in the meeting invitation in my Outlook Calendar. 


I tried to join a meeting yesterday and it wouldn't let me join.  When I try to sign in to the Teams Windows App or Web App (using my Microsoft Account login and password) I get the following message. 

"Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation

Ask your admin to get you started with Teams, or set up another org in Teams using a different email address."


Problem is I am the only person in my organisation, I don't have an Admin or IT department its just me.  I am trying to sign in with my Microsoft Account email and password but keep getting stuck in this loop.  How can I break this loop so that I can sign in and use Microsoft Teams to join meetings I have been invited to.


Also with my Microsoft Account I only ever want to use my Personal Account when I sign in but at the sign in screen I am sometimes given the option to sign in to a "Work or School Account" or my Personal Account.  How can I find or reset the login details for my "Work or School Account" so that I can log in and see what is in that account?


Look forward to any guidance to help me with this issues.  Thanks.


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@finalyse-au Hi John, these are the most common scenarios for that message


Try using the InPrivate/Incognito mode and see what happens.


Sometimes the desktop client get "stuck" and you'll have to 'reset' the app by typing %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams via Start and remove the content in that folder.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom ,


Many thanks for your help.  I managed to remove Teams and then reinstalled and signed on with a new Microsoft Account and have got it working again.  Appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

@finalyse-au My pleasure, glad it got sorted!

@ChristianBergstromThank you! I was having trouble joining a Team invite link for a while and I believe it was because I setup my own org when making a work account. Deleting everything in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Cache seemed to fix the problem

@finalyse-au, I have the same issue! I am alone in my company, no IT-person.

Teams is an annoying prog. We use most of the time Zoom, but this client wants to use Teams.

I come into a loop and there's no way out.

restart, logout, re-download, etc. too difficult, complicated and no result 

My MS Account is seemingly not recognized

Can any one help me out?

If not it will indefinitely be removed from my computers