I can't believe MS Teams does not have a feature to attach a file

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There is a lot of rubbish below the "Type a new message" box:

  1. Format tab (nobody actually uses it cause it's way too bloated)
  2. Emoji (yeah, totally necessary for business)
  3. Gifs (even more necessary for business!)
  4. Stickers (one more "necessary" feature)
  5. Stream (wtf is that?)
  6. Praise (wtf is that? x2)
  7. Approvals (wtf is that? x3)
  8. Find an app suggestions (basically, ads)

But as soon as I drag a file to the message box... nothing happens! Can you believe it? MS Teams does not support attaching a file in 2021! How is that even possible? Skype supported sending files for like 20 years at this point.

Any teams call usually goes like "Oh, this **bleep** thing doesn't even allow me to upload a file. Let me email it to you instead." Even emails are more functional.

Why do I need to go through crazy hacks, like opening a separate Files tab, dragging a file in there? And it doesn't even work! After the file is uploaded, I right click it and select "Copy link", but the app just hangs for about a minute and I receive a "Couldn't copy link" error message!

Do you really expect someone to buy your app when its that bugged and lacks the very basic features? Do you really think emojis and gifs are more important that files?

Come on guys, get it to work!

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File attachment is a thing, and always has been from what I recall.  This article explains how to attach a file in channels and chats: Share files in Teams.


First off I would  check your client is on the latest version and if that doesn't help clear the cache and retry.

Yeah, I did see the manual. It starts with "Select Attach file button beneath the box ". But there is no Attach File button in MS Teams. There is a lot of garbage, like emojis or gifs buttons, but no attach file.


It's like the 2nd button.  It's been there since day one for us.  Is it missing from both private chats and channel chats?  It utilizes SharePoint and OneDrive so I assume you need access to that.