I can not split main account from guest account

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I have in Teams Desktop the problem that when I sign in with my own business account, it always set my work account as main account and my own account as guest account. When I sign out or try to switch to another account (my own account), again it sets the work account as main account. I do not want them both to be active at the same time, just sign in with one of them.

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Not sure what you mean with "my own account as a guest account"? Teams will always default to the domain-joined account so the work account will always be primary. But you can sign out of the work account and sign into the personal account only. If you're signed in with both though you have two instances of the Teams desktop app, one with the work account and one with the personal account.

You can reset the autostart settings if you'd like
Hello Christian,

The problem was last week, that I was unable to sign in with a different account, it always came up with the Work account(The company that hired me) and my own(My own company business account) at the same time. Today I tried again and now i am able to sign in with my own account without the other one. Don't know why but the problem is solved.

Thank you for the respons,

Kind regards Björn