I am trying to share a file with a Teams meeting but it says there are no files at the location

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I am trying to share a file with a teams meeting.  I open the share tray>> browse to Teams and Channels>>select the team and channel and when I open it I have a blank page with "There are no files at this location." 


That channel has documents and I see them in SharePoint.  Am I missing a setting that allows me to share documents from Teams?

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Where is the meeting taking place and are anonymous users involved? Basically Teams won't have permissions to files to share to the meeting if it's not all Team members using the Meet now icon in a channel. At least it works for me that way. Curious on the full situation cause it might be due to the fact others can join that won't have access to the channels, but technically it shouldn't even give the option if that was the case.

Anyway, could you give a bit more behind the meeting setup and participants? Thanks!

The meeting is taking place in a channel and all users are registered users of our company, there are no anonymous users.  When only I login to the meeting and try to share the files it shows none are available, even though I have them saved on the channel and also on my OneDrive.  

I'm not experiencing the same so has to be related to you locally. Have you tried using web browser and see if it works there? If so then we can focus on seeing if sign out / in will clear local client to fix issue or something else.

I did notice today that if I upload a PowerPoint presentation I can share that because it shows up in the list.  Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents in the same location do NOT show in the list.  Would there be a setting restricting files by doc type?  I am not the overall admin of our 365 solution so I do not know.

I did try it in a browser - same issue.  Only PowerPoint file shows in the list, even though other file types exist in the same location.

What do you mean by share? Can you do some screenshots of what you are seeing? IF you mean share by using the share button in the meeting where you can pick apps / screens then yes files would be restricted there. I thought you were talking about attaching files to chat in the meeting using the paperclip icon / browse channel and teams.

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Chris, i'm having the same issue...:No file when i'm in a Teams Meeting trying to Share a File"...I didn't see the solution?



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@CarHur I don't think it's possible doing I that way.  Teams only shows up PPt files as it's expecting you to present to the group.  However you can work around it by selecting to share the desktop and then opening your word document normally.  Sharing the desktop shares whatever you have open and selected in Windows.  The one issue with this is that you then can't see the chat in the meetings.  I get round this by joining the meeting on my phone as well so I can monitor the chat at the same time.  

Hopefully someone else knows a better way of doing this, or Microsoft change it so it is possible, but until then, this at least works.

@tlea_2020 HI Tiea, great, great help...I tried it and it works...


Thanks a MIllion!