Hyperlinking from a web page into Teams Chat?

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I am trying to ease our move from Skype (not SfB) to Teams, and one of the Skype features we use frequently within our internal apps is the ability to direct call or direct chat someone via Skype.  The code is very simple and is as follows:









Does anyone know how to do something equivalent in Teams?  As of yet I have not been able to find anything that might work.  The ideal is direct Call or Chat links, but I would live with a link which would just open the user's chat history in Teams and from there the Call or Chat could be kicked off.


Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated.



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I think this will come default to teams but will take some time as we first we need to see some more integration.


When you look at the email alerts that you receive there is a link that will look a bit like this that gets you a to a meeting:




You can also get a link to a team



This link will look like 




The similar get link option also exists for the channels.


But you can't get directly into a specific location with the conversations


Thank you for your response!


That is all interesting information (especially the Linking to Teams option), but what I am looking for is being able to link directly to a user for the sake of a Chat or a Call.  Basically, I would like to be able to link to specific users from an employee directory or actions they have filed in transactional applications 


I would probably add that to the Microsoft Teams user voice.

Thank you for your suggestion!  I have posted the idea here:



Please upvote if this would be useful to you as well.


Looks like your idea was merged into another one

Which actually has nothing to do with it. 


Thank you - that is very frustrating as I never was informed that the merged it :(


I reposted here:



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Any news on this?

Teams will support the standard url schemes e.g. im: sip: tel: callto: in the same way that Skype for business did. I don't think it's finished testing yet, but keep an eye on Default Applications ... Choose default application by protocol in Windows 10.

I saw there is a msteams url scheme when looking in my default applications by protocol, but am unable to initiate chat with a specified person like I can using sip. Is this, or will this, be supported?

@Cody Wahl 
What you want to use is the old skype SIPs. for example to direct message someone use 

<a style="color:white;" href="im:username@domain.com">Team Chat</a> This allows users to select their app once the user pick MS Teams. They will be directed to said user.



Possible to start a chat with multiple users?




You can add multiple people to start a group conversation by separating the users with a comma: 

<a href=”https://teams.microsoft.com/l/chat/0/0?users=user1@domain.com,user2@domain.com”>Chat with Group of People</a>


You can also set the title of the conversation and the message to be added to the conversation: 

<a href=”https://teams.microsoft.com/l/chat/0/0?users=user1@domain.com,user2@domain.com&topicName=Project X&message=Kindly share more details on the project”>Request More Info on Project X</a>


@Khaled Chebat 


Wow. I thought I tried that and it didn't work. It appears to work for our set up now. My agency might not have had the teams set up correctly.




@Khaled Chebat I'm looking to make a similar link to start a new post in a Yammer group. Ideally, I'm able to format it as a question and add initial text. Do you know if that's possible?