Hybrid events - in room and remote presenters - making everyone audible

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Hi there


On a monthly basis we host a staff update event. We have 50-100 people in the room in-person plus we have another 50-100 remote attendees. We use Microsoft teams for this with the in-room presenters laptop joined to the Teams meeting and all the remote attendees at home on their own laptops.


At the moment the remote attendees hear the in-room presenter via the mic on the in-room presenter's laptop. The in-room presenter also has a mic that connect directly to a speaker in the room so the in-person attendees can hear clearly.


Our problem is - when we want someone who is remote to present, that persons audio is coming out of the laptop speakers and cannot be heard by the in-person attendees.


Can anyone suggest a solutio



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@JMcG20  You tend to need another presentation PC. That PC will have a connection to a local microphone that can be passed around the local crowd when they have a question. It should also be connected to a camera and point to the local audience.

It's video should then be connected to a local large display for everyone to see and finally it's speakers connected to the local PA system to amplify for everyone to hear. 

Care should be taken to try to keep the local PA and local microphone away from each other and feedback occurring. 

All other local machines should have audio disabled, both speaker and microphone.


When you get to groups of 50+ people, you have to treat it as a presentation, not a meeting. 

You can also look at Teams Presentation solutions.

@Ed Woodrick thank you for the detailed reply, that is helpful for ensuring any questions from in-room attendees are heard by all. 


My main challenge though is the online-only presenters being audible. At the moment the in-room mic is held in front of the in-room presenters laptop and this increases the volume of that sound to push it to the in-room PA but his solution is not good.


Below is a diagram to show our current setup. Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you


teams setup.jpg




Got it sorted in the end. Basically went out and got the gear the guy walks through in this video and it's working now. Not the same actual branded items but the equivalent: