How to work with document or folder links in MS Teams?

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Maybe a very easy question but I couldn't figure it out yet (FAQ didn't help) --> How do I copy and insert links to files inside MS Teams but also between MS Teams and Sharepoint?


Scenario A: "master" document filed in channel A of team A and should be copied as a link to channel B of team A
Scenario B: "master" document filed in channel A of team A and should be copied as a link to channel A of team B
Scenario C: "master" document filed on Sharepoint should be copied as a link to MS Teams channel A of team A
Scenario D: "master" document filed in MS Teams channel A of team A should be copied as a link to Sharepoint


Can anyone assist on this issue?

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A: click the 3 dots (...) at the right of the doc in teams and choose "copy link" Choose a teams link and copy that link in channel B. When clicked the doc will open in teams


B: The same procedure as A but the user clicking the link from team B needs to either be a member of team A or have been granted access (sharing) to the doc itself


C: From sharepoint click "copy link" Here you can also set permissions on the link so you can make sure members of the team your posting this in, have access!

Paste the link in the Team A, channel A


D: Like A, but choose to create a Sharepoint link, otherwise the teamclient will open




Hi Adam,


Many thanks for your super fast response.


Regarding A: I know how to copy a document link but I don't know how to paste it in the other channel. I guess that's my main question --> How to paste these links in the Files tab?


Regarding B: Understood. I guess same question as A)

Regarding C: I guess same question as A)

Regarding D: It worked - thanks!


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There is no way doing this ”in place”
Copy the link , then you have to navigate to the channel in question and paste it! This requires you to be a member of that team!
You can do other work arounds like get the channel email address and mail the link to any channel you have the address to! The message will end up in the channel with the link and you don’t have to a member of that team!
I guess you could utilize the graph and bots to post messages etc but it seems like overkill in this scenario


You could open the document library in SharePoint where you wish to paste the link. Next, in the New menu you will find "Link". Paste the created link here. It will also show up as expected in Teams in the Files-tab afterwards.2019-03-07 11_25_43-OntexHub - General - All Documents.png

Yes! This an option also, but the procedure of the navigation  process is the same

Hello Adam,


again, thanks for your help on this.  I uploaded a screenshot of the options I got in MS teams. When clicking "New" there is no option of inserting a link - just new documents. I still don't have any clue what I would need to do with the link once I've copied it.


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MS Teams Document link.png

That's because you first need to open it in SharePoint which offers more buttons/functionalities. In the near future, these functionalities should come to the default "Files" tab in Teams.

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thanks for your answer. I've uploaded a screenshot of what I got when doing it as you proposed. Apparently it's inserted as an .url file a an you can only open it using a right click an "Open online" or "Open in Sharepoint" - in MS teams this link doesn't work properly. There is no preview or easy opening in MS Teams possible - I only can download the file and open it.


Is there a pragmatic solution for that?


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MS Teams Document link_Sharepoint.png

Thanks Pieter - now it makes sense.
Have you sorted everything out?

Hi, actually only Scenario D (MS Teams document link copied to Sharepoint) is really clear to me. The other scenarios in which I want to copy the link to MS Teams didn't work quite well. I can only paste the links as URL and clicking on it leads to the following message. As written to Pieter, I can only download the file to my hard drive or open it via right click and "Open online" - there is no way to have a preview. Is that conclusion correct? For my understanding, it's not the same intuitive handling of document links compared to Windows Explorer.

MS Teams Document link_Error.png


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Okay! Donlike this! Select a file - click copy link - choose team link and copy

Go to the channel of choice and paste the link in the conversation! If you click the format button you can actually name the link via the link icon so people don’t see the ugly link!
When people click it it will open the doc in teams
Thanks Adam, apparently there is no similar functionality compared to Window Explorer. Maybe it will be implemented in one of the next versions of MS Teams.

@adam deltinger Hoping you can help me with a similar question on MS Teams and SharePoint.  I created folders in the SharePoint page linked to my teams page, but the folders are not showing as channels in ME Teams.  Is there a way to make this happen?  The functionality in SP was easier to work in, but I thought everything could cede over to MS Teams once I was done.  Appreciate any help!

Yeah, in order to create a channel this must be done from Teams! You can’t do it from sharepoint or link a channel to an existing folder!

I think as long as the Channel name matches the existing folder, you should be good thou if you have documents there it should pull over and match to the channel to the folder, but as Adam said you have to create the channel in Teams.

Thank you both - I went back and created a channel that matched the folder name on my SP and sure enough within a few seconds, all the data that was in that folder on the SP, populated in the channel.  This was a real time saver for me!


Appreciate the quick reply and great advice

@ChrisGraw hi there.


I've been struggling with the same problem and I've found this workaround that works pretty fine:


A Simple HTML Document
<p>Use CTRL+Click in the link to open the file</p>
<p> </p>
<a href="C:\Users\mmari\Downloads\R_22_02_IMD_2019-09-06 VER 1 - MODELO COMERCIAL - LOTES DE COMPRA ESTIMADOS - PRICING.pdf">R_22_02_IMD_2019-09-06 VER 1 - MODELO COMERCIAL - LOTES DE COMPRA ESTIMADOS - PRICING.pdf</a>


You need to put this piece of code into a plain text file and save it with the extension .html and Teams will open it with the browser, then you'll see a link to the file.




About the .html file, in the following line you need to put the link between the "" and the onscreen name right after the > sign ending the line with </a> signs.

<a href="C:\Users\mmari\Downloads\R_22_02_IMD_2019-09-06 VER 1 - MODELO COMERCIAL - LOTES DE COMPRA ESTIMADOS - PRICING.pdf">R_22_02_IMD_2019-09-06 VER 1 - MODELO COMERCIAL - LOTES DE COMPRA ESTIMADOS - PRICING.pdf</a>

Of course you can link to wherever you have permission to. ALWAYS CTRL+CLICK or it won't open ok.


Yes, it involves an extra step to open the file (the browser), but it does the job as well as your browser can handle the file type (you may see it right in the browser or download it or if you have the corresponding app probably it will be open by it) you're linking at.


Hope this helps!



Hi @adam deltinger, I'm a teacher and I'm copying a folder link and posting it on the "Posts" tabs for parents to find work easily. However, the link is not working on their end - even if they have Teams downloaded on their computer it takes them to the browser and asks them to sign in again - but this seems to happen in a loop. They can't get to the files  -  could you please help?