How To Use The Microsoft Teams Meeting Q&A App

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This Microsoft Teams tutorial will demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Teams meeting Q&A app. This app extends Microsoft Team meeting functionality to allow organizers to facilitate moderated question and answers. Through the app, meeting participants can submit questions for review and response. Responses can be designated as the most accurate response and meeting participants can comment on responses with threaded discussions. This app can also be used in the context of Microsoft Teams webinars. 


Have you tried this app before? If so, what do you think about it?

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Nice post with native embedding in the meeting. Being there for its whole lifecycle from LE > Meetings App > Embedded has been interesting. MS did say they were going to converge LE & Meets at some point at either Ignite Fall 2020 or Fall 21 - can't remember which, but still feels they are still some way off. One format that you bend any way. Still, good that Q&A is in there now much better for some formats.
Totally agree Chris. The native embedding within the meeting is a nice touch and a seamless UX!