How To Use The Microsoft Teams Inspection App

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In this Microsoft Teams tutorial, I demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Teams Inspection App. This is a sample app developed by Microsoft built on the Power Platform and it's intended to demonstrate the extensibility of Microsoft Teams when you use Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate and Dataverse to build solutions. This app is a fantastic and simple tool that can be used (for free with M365 licensing) to facilitate inspections, walkthroughs, etc. I've received a lot of questions and positive comments about this on since posting the tutorial on my channel and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. 


How To Use The Microsoft Teams Inspection App 

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Thanks for posting
You're very welcome!


Inspection apps, don't appears for my in my teams channel, can you help me?

There was a similar issue reported by multiple users this morning for another sample app (i.e. the Milestones App). When I started receiving these prompts this morning, I tested trying to install the Milestones app and it wasn't showing up in the Teams app store. I just tested again and can now see and add the app back in. I also noticed that this applied to other sample apps as well (i.e. inspection etc.) I am also unable to install the inspection app as of right now but, suspect it may become available again tomorrow.