How To Use The Microsoft Teams Boards Sample App

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This Microsoft Teams tutorial will show you how to use the Boards sample app in Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams Boards app allows teams to create boards about any topic and pin related content to the board. The Boards app is similar to Pinterest in that it allows users to collate content and organize it into boards created for specific topics. This app can be used to promote collaboration and information sharing within a team.  A sample app in Microsoft Teams is one that Microsoft developed it using its Power Platform to showcase the extensibility of Microsoft Teams when you use the Power Platform components such as Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate.


What are your thoughts about this app?

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I did a blog on this app last year: it's a nice app


Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Getting Hands on with Boards – @Microsoft365Pro


Good work!


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Hi @Christopher Hoard thanks for the comment and for sharing your article. Your article is super detailed. I've got video tutorials on my YouTube channel outlining how to use all of these Microsoft Teams sample apps (boards, inspections, Milestones, perspectives, issue reporting, Bulletins etc.). If I get any questions on them that can be answered through the posts that you have, I'll be sure to direct my viewers over to your blog.


Thanks for sharing! Keep in touch.