How to use Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams 📰

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Presenter Mode in #MicrosoftTeams.
We'll go through the new capabilities that allow presenters to present PowerPoint presentations, navigate every slide, check slide notes and prevent participants from moving through slides.
The presenter's view is fully integrated into Teams allowing the presenter to have conversations or if anyone has questions by raising their hand under control.
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Thanks for posting!
hi, i could not find the presenting mode and standout mode in my Teams. Can h help? Thank you in advanced
I have the same issue. I have 2 Edu tenant. For the first one, i have the presenter mode. If i switch to my another tenant, i don't have the presenter mode. What the hell ? :(
It's been rolling out for a week. You are lucky to have it in one your account. I have 3 Edu accounts and non have got it yet. Dynamic view even been rolling for four months but I don't have it either.
Eventhough I am in Public Preview, those features are not available also. Seems that they really are not ready for those features yet. They gave hopes of many useful features for Edu tenant but to disappoint us by letting us waiting for ages for those hopes to be real.
They explained about feature flags in other post but didn't explain how they enable those flags or give admins the control to enable those flags. It's very dissapointing. :(

@Giuliano De Luca AS usual Microsoft is using conflicting and confusing names for their features. Presenter Mode, as defined by Microsoft itself here as the feature that allows you to use three different modes when presenting: StandoutSide-by-side, or Reporter. Unfortunately this is not working for us as it is supposed to which seems to always be the case with new features in Teams. 

Hi @Rami Elamine below you can find my video regarding your clarification: