How to Use Organization Background Images in Microsoft Teams Meetings



A preview Teams feature allows organizations to upload approved corporate images for people to use during Teams meetings. When generally available, this feature will need a Teams advanced communications license. An organization can distribute up to 50 images, which users see ahead of Microsoft curated images and their own custom images (if they’re allowed to upload these images). However, there’s no way for an organization to force people to select one of the corporate images.

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Waaaait a minute... Is your last name really Redmond.... :cool:

Yes. And strangely, it has been for my entire life.
Your career might have taken an entirely different trajectory if your last name was Cupertino. Or perhaps Armonk.
Given that I have never worked for Microsoft, I don't know if a different name would have made any difference. I did work with HP in Palo Alto, which is close to Cupertino...