How to turn off new user message in General channel

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When a new user is added to a Team, a message in the General channel is posted with the new user's contact info. Can I turn this off? See screenshot for example.



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Hi @rileyphughes ,


It is not possible via the Teams Admin center. Mentioning your objective will be helpful perhaps. One option is to create a "Private Team" which is accessible only to the team members instead of a "Public Team" accessible by everyone in the organization.



Adil Yoosuf

The new info panel pane on the right hand side of screen while in a channel now has these messages under updates. I want to say that the messages should be getting removed from the chat and into this pane soon. Right now it’s still showing in both but outside of that hopefully changing there is no way to disable these messages.

@Chris Webb Thanks for your answer. I hope MSFT Teams' product team sees this thread...