How to turn off meeting response for Teams Meeting invite?

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In outlook there is an option when scheduling a meeting where you can select the option to not receive meeting response notifications. 


I can't find this option in Teams when scheduling it possible? 

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There are dozens of settings that are available in Outlook, you cannot expect Teams to offer the same functionality when it comes to scheduling meetings. It probably never will. Simply schedule the meeting from within Outlook, or generate the join link via Teams then paste it in an Outlook meeting request.

@Vasil Michev Teams has a handful of notification options for chat/messenging so I really just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking it. Completely understandable that it isn't available. 


I didn't think you could schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook. Do I have to create a teams meeting on my calendar and then paste that link into the outlook invite that I send out to invitees? 


Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. 

@NMJ0409  Since Msft are the ones who proposed Teams as an alternate to email, I don't think it is "understandable" that Teams doesn't provide the same functionality as outlook. If you can create an invite in Teams you should certainly be able to track responses and turn them off if needed.  

In my Teams application, I now have the option to turn off responses for Team meeting invites. 


The default looks like both of these options are checked but you can uncheck for the meeting invite. 

OK but here is a twist... what if you WANT to receive the responses is there any way to track that within teams? Other than the individual responses you have to activate for every team meeting as described below? I'd like it to be in default mode if possible, without having to go to Outlook to track a Teams meeting?