How to tell the exact status of a person when he/she is busy?




I'm trying to find out a way to show all person's current status in a list within Teams, I was able to do that via "Special Dial List" after adding persons into the list, but recently the layout of Teams changed, I can only see a person's status when he/she is "available" (as his/her icon is in green color), "busy" (the icon is in red color, but the status could be "busy", "in a call" or "in a meeting"), "offline" and "presenting", how could I tell a person's exact status (in a call/in a meeting/busy) when his/her icon is in red?



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I believe that the general response is that if I'm busy I'm busy. I don't have to tell anyone else why I'm busy.
And if I want, I can set myself as busy, just because I want to.