How to stop the pop-up of this window in Teams?

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Hi, can someone help me to stop the pop-up of the following? Thanks 



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You want it not to remember your different accounts?
Have you tried clearing the cache?
I cleared the cache but that pop-up window still exist when I signed out. Any help?


You may need to remove the accounts as well:


For personal accounts:

Start button Start > Settings > Windows Accounts >Email & accounts. 


For work/school accounts:

Start button Start > Settings > Accounts > Access Work or School





Sorry, I don't get it. Why do I need to remove account? Thanks, 

I'm assuming that the reason you're seeing that pop up every time is because teams is for some reason logging you out everytime you kill the app (hence asking to log back in).

Clearing the cache was the top suggestion found online, but the next suggested item was also clearing the logged in users.

Although I've never experienced the exact issue you have, I could attest to similar issues with logins where removing/adding account fixed it.

Figured it's worth a shot.

Hi, Carl:

I have tried it, but I don't have the access to remove the account because this is company account and only IT administrator has access to delete the account. Thanks,