How to skip a slide in Powerpoint in a Teams Meeting?

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I like the feature of starting a powerpoint presentation directly in a Teams Meeting. It seems to be better with low bandwidth.
But I cant see an option to skip a slide or move to a specific slide. When I stop a bigger presentation I have to click through all the slides to get back to the point where I stopped.
Do I miss something?

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@ArneDD Hi - Do you mean this: 


As it is the above that should allow you as the presenter to move forwards and backwards and also if you permit it will allow the users to move freely through the deck also.


However I think I will look to User Voice to raise the not going back to last position in a slide deck as that would be useful but is not presently the case.


This is the User Voice I would recommend:






Thanks Henry,
would be a nice feature if the last position would be remembered. But even simpler to implement would be a simple text box to enter the number of the slide where you want to jump to.
Moreover, as powerpoint itself already has the feature to present online with all the needed controls, I dont get why powerpoint in teams doesnt just use the the same userinterface as powerpoint online for presenting? 

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I hear you and user voice is a good place to voice these suggestions or up vote if it already exists. Alternatively you could always share a window to PowerPoint and do it that way.