How to show all O365 Users in Teams Contacts for Business Voice Users

Steel Contributor

I have the Business Voice license yet when I go into Teams (Desktop app on Windows 10) > Calls > Contacts it lists my Outlook contacts only.  There is no way to search by O365 Teams users, which is ridiculous.  


How do we show our O365/Teams users in the Calls area so we can CALL our Employees?  We have over 100 Employees so requiring everyone to manually maintain a local Outlook contacts lists is not an option.  


What's odd is that the Microsoft Teams Mobile App for Android can search O365 contacts in the Calls > Make a Call > People.  It lists them as "Directory Contacts."


In the same area of the Windows 10 App > Calls we have Speed Dial, Contacts.  Speed Dial and Contacts ONLY lists Outlook contacts setup in your personal contacts and search will only search those.


Why would the mobile app be designed to work with Corporate/O365 Users but the Windows 10 app work with Outlook only?  Doesn't make any sense.  

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