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Hi team,


I have a MS Teams Channel (Name of the Channel is - ABCD), as we know for every MS Teams channel we can also have a SharePoint Site linked to it. I have linked that as well.


When I post a message on my ABCD Channel, I want to see that post on my SharePoint site (i.e. Linked to that ABCD Channel).


I am not able to find the Posts on the SharePoint site. But am able to find all others like 

Site Contents
Recycle bin


Q. How can I see these posts on the SharePoint?


Please help.





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@CGovindarajula But why? The posts are in Teams and that's where you can get notified, reply, etc.


I guess if you really want to you could create a Power Automate Flow that picks up every message and then does something with it, but the only interactive experience will be in Teams.

@Steven Collier Thank You.

Frankly, I do not know the answer to you 'Why?' :)


Just a thought came and posted here. I agree, it may not be needed to have the posts on SharePoint. May be on Yammer, it will be useful..