How to set up meetings with Skype for Business users

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My organization just switched from Skype for Business to Teams. 


Our customer still uses Skype for Business and I want to set up a meeting with them and send them the appropriate link to the meeting room. Is this possible? I tried to set this up through the coexistence settings, but it says Microsoft has disabled this so I cannot move back. 


This is quite urgent for us. Can anybody provide any advice on how to set up the meeting, or, if not, how to move back to Skype for Business? I prefer Teams but my customer is still using SFB and it is important we are able to arrange meetings with them. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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@GB_Garry You can book a Teams meeting that your customer can access. It is done from the Calendar tab in Teams or from Outlook (using the Teams add-in). Your customer can also book a SfB meeting with you and you will be able to access it using the SfB client application or browser.


Regarding how to move back to SfB that is something your It department should be able to answer.

They need to create the meetings if they have to use Skype. Otherwise they can join your meetings using chrome or edge without having to download Teams and fully participate in the meeting. Not sure if the older room systems can leverage the browser for that or not and the devices but that’s about all you can do if a room system is at play here.

You could technically if your org isn’t in forced upgrade mode switch a user to islands and they can create both meetings still however that will cause all calls and external chats for that person to go back to Skype.