How to set Chat tab as default when starting teams

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Good morning.  I'm an IT contractor with M365 admin access at all of my clients who use it.  I started using the new MS Teams because I am able to log into multiple accounts at once, but when I switch between clients they each default to different tabs.  One defaults to chat, another defaults to teams which, for that client is a blank screen, and I wait for it to load then I realize I'm on the wrong tab (every single time, so annoying,....)  I switched back to classic teams and I noticed that when I started Teams for these two clients they default to those same respective tabs when loading.  This is better because I am able to load that other client once and switch to the chat tab and just keep it open, but new teams keeps loading the Teams Tab.  I'm hoping that if I can change the default tab in classic Teams it'll change it in new Teams.  Why are these two clients different and is there any way to change it?  



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@JECaine Teams defaults to either the last opened app or if it's a new login to the topmost app on the sidebar.

@Steven Collier Thank you for the response. I set the problematic Teams to chat, closed and reopened it and it reopened in Chat, but new teams is still defaulting to the Teams "app" when I switch between clients

Agree that this is annoying and searching for a fix. Chat is my top app on the left and Teams opens to the Teams app.
Switching to the old Teams just because of this

I was experiencing the same issue. I dragged the chat icon to the top of my list and the new teams now opens with chat as the default@MatheusFonseca 

@kinslow11 I tried that several times, mine still starts on the Team app rather than the chat.