How to set Chat tab as default when starting teams

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Good morning.  I'm an IT contractor with M365 admin access at all of my clients who use it.  I started using the new MS Teams because I am able to log into multiple accounts at once, but when I switch between clients they each default to different tabs.  One defaults to chat, another defaults to teams which, for that client is a blank screen, and I wait for it to load then I realize I'm on the wrong tab (every single time, so annoying,....)  I switched back to classic teams and I noticed that when I started Teams for these two clients they default to those same respective tabs when loading.  This is better because I am able to load that other client once and switch to the chat tab and just keep it open, but new teams keeps loading the Teams Tab.  I'm hoping that if I can change the default tab in classic Teams it'll change it in new Teams.  Why are these two clients different and is there any way to change it?  



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@JECaine Teams defaults to either the last opened app or if it's a new login to the topmost app on the sidebar.

@StevenC365 Thank you for the response. I set the problematic Teams to chat, closed and reopened it and it reopened in Chat, but new teams is still defaulting to the Teams "app" when I switch between clients

Agree that this is annoying and searching for a fix. Chat is my top app on the left and Teams opens to the Teams app.
Switching to the old Teams just because of this

I was experiencing the same issue. I dragged the chat icon to the top of my list and the new teams now opens with chat as the default@MatheusFonseca 

@kinslow11 I tried that several times, mine still starts on the Team app rather than the chat.

Same here. Mildly infuriating.

Got the same problem with the new teams.  Searching brought up several articles saying that there should be an option under Settings->General to specify which tab to open on but that setting is missing now in both the new and the old teams.  So it appears that Microsoft decided that they know better.  Very unfortunate.   

@KirilOkun775 I poked around in the admin settings and there appears to be different profiles with different teams settings.  I'm an admin but I'm not familiar with those settings so I don't quite know what they do.  Plus I'm a contractor, so I don't have a say in the settings.  I'm just leaving it alone for now and dealing with it. 

I'm also an admin. Where did you see those differences between different client's settings. Could you please point to the screens. Thank you.

It happens when I switch back and forth between my employer's M365 credentials and my Client's M365 credentials:  For instance in fig 1 I log with my my credentials on my employers domain and it loads like this:


(fig 1)

See how the Chat tab is highlighted?  But every time I switch accounts to my client's domain...




it defaults to the Teams tab, and if I didn't have that Team there I would think it's still loading and I wait until its done which since it's already done it never updates and I waste a lot of time waiting.  



I got permission from my client to create a new app policy hoping there would be an option to set Chat as the default app, and unfortunately there wasn't an option to do that, and creating a new app policy didn't have the desired result.