How to send voicemails?

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Hey guys,

How do I send voicemails to my peers in teams??

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Hi @Nikhita_Reddy25

You can use the Teams app for smart phone to record and some message.

This can work for group of people in Teams channel.


Please find attached screen.




Thank you @Sanjiv_kumar but how do I do so on desktop ?? My colleague sent me a voicemail that appeared in calls under the voicemail section , but I don not know how to.

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Hi @Nikhita_Reddy25

Here is the solution, This works for me using Teams voice Autoattendant but this requires calling plan license assigned to the resource group . You need to create a office 365 group and add few member , so that voice mail will route to all the office 365 members of that group. Steps is mentioned in the below url.