How to see who is already in a meeting

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Is there a way to see who is already in a teams meeting before I join? For example,I have a meeting scheduled for 10:30, but I am 5 minutes late. Can I see a list of active participants before I click the join button, or do I have to just join first and see who is there?

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You have to join the meeting to see who is already there

I have found a way to do this (but isn't perfect).


If it is a recurring meeting, and there are items in "chat", you can see the meeting in your chat list. If you click on here after the meeting has started (but before you join), then you can see the icons at the top of the screen (next to the join button button) of who is already in the meeting.


It does of course of rely on the two criteria above being met first.

Thank you @IGGtx !

Another option, similar to the first, is if the meeting is in your calendar (on teams) then you can Right Click > Chat with Participants, and this will show you who is in the meeting, even if there is no previous "chat". 

@IGGtx Does this also work for those who do not have a Microsft Team account please?

@Josey2365 I don't know I'm afraid. I've never had reason to try it with non-teams users. 

@IGGtx  This is perfect for what I needed, thank you very much!!!!



Click on top "People" Menu

You will see list of invites "Online" and "Other Invited" on right side of window