How to see multiple people in video chat

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How can I see all the other people present in the chat at once. I am usually video-chatting with a maximum of four other people at a time, but I can only see one of them. The screen keeps switching back-and-forth between whoever is speaking. The other speakers have told me that they are able to see all four people at once. How can I change it so that I can see all of them at the same time as well?

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Hi @MrVanKempen 

As per the Microsoft Teams Application I am personally using Office 365 Version of Microsoft Teams Application and the layout seems to be working in 2X2 Layout. That means in case you have 4 Members in the Microsoft Teams Meeting I can view the 4 most active users in the Teams Meeting. 


Can you confirm in your next meeting whenever it is scheduled that you have not pinned a video for your self. That could be a problem for you not able to view other peoples video. Rest all the setting seems to be normal for the video in the conference meeting configuration.


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Satish U