How to see chats while presenting a PowerPoint in Teams?

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I use PowerPoint to present in Teams. I can't see when people enter the room or type something in the box. Is there anyway to see them during the presentation??
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Hi @d1781053

1.) Ensure you have the new meeting experience
2.) Share a PowerPoint, not the Desktop or Window


Here is a screenshot of me doing the webinar today


To get the new meeting experience, click on your avatar, top right > settings > ensure the new meeting experience is ticked and then quit and restart Teams




Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

Thank you. The strange thing is when I click the square with an arrow, my PowerPoint appears under windows and not under power point. Any way to move my ppt under the right location, so I can use the presentation view.
Hi @d1781053

I would check in your Teams meeting policy in the Teams admin centre if you can't see the PowerPoint Option

See Allow PowerPoint sharing

Best, Chris