How to schedule a meeting for a team ?

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I would like to schedule a meeting for a whole team. I have not Outlook. Is it possible now ? I tried and could not achieve that operation. 


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Hi @Christian_Pitet

Please see here

This will show you several ways how to schedule a meeting

Hope that answers your question!

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In the link you kindly provided it is not mentionned how to invite a team to a meeting.


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@Christian_Pitet Hi, its possible with the Channel if required (Meet Now or Schedule).


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Hi @Christian_Pitet

If you are referring how to invite the whole team (I.e. all the users in the associated Microsoft 365 group that you are in) to the meeting that is in Part 3 of that document which is setting up a channel meeting. You can also do impromptu meet now's and then send out a meeting booking in Outlook which is another workaround

In terms of scheduling a private meeting for a whole team - as in another Team or the one you are in (I.e. simply add the Team to the invite), that isn't possible today but there is a uservoice open for it here

I think this is more what you mean - so vote on it and you'll be notified if it gets picked up

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris