How to report a bug in the linux client

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What is the best way to report a bug in the Linux Teams client? I've noticed an issue where the Linux client only polls for audio devices on application start up. When I connect my bluetooth headset, I have to restart my client for it to see the new device.

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Hi @dcrown

There are a few ways, but recommended as follows

1.) Raise here -
2.) Raise a support ticket referencing the bug through the Microsoft 365 admin centre
3.) In the client go to help > report a problem

I will also raise it as a bug with the internal product team after you confirm step 1

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardThanks. I opened the following bug report. I dont see a Provide Feedback option in the linux or Mac clients.

Hi @dcrown

To confirm, I have now raised to the team. I hope that this resolves for you soon.

Hope I have answered your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Is there a bug tracker for this issue that affected users can follow?
I think the community would be happy to help here as it's in our best interest to describe the issues in detail to assist in improving the beta.



@josiecki  I think I am suffering from the same bug.  When I connect my Lenovo Yoga 260 to the dock so I can use a bigger monitor, and speakers, I have the issue that my teammates cannot hear me unless I unplug from the dock and restart Teams.  I'd love to follow the issue.  I guess since this is not open source, the information may be confidential.  If you find a way to track the bug. I'd love to do that too.

@wallawallaFWIW I upgraded to Linux 5.10 and there seems to be some updates to how bluez and Pulseaudio handled switching streams and sinks. Teams seems to work consistently now, however it doesn't always display the correct input/output sink *in* Teams. My advice is to install pavucontrol to make sure your input/output sink is correct as you're joining the meeting