how to remove unlicensed people from group chat by powershell?

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hi gents,


i have a request to bulk remove unlicensed people from chat group, which is self-organized by random users


since unlicensed people are in many chat groups, manual way costs too much time, so i am wondering if there is a programming way to do the job


thanks for your ideas

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Hi @StanleyHao

Sorry, nothing in the PowerShell cmdlets which point to being able to do this programmatically.

I would recommend raising it on uservoice ( whilst it is still around in order to raise it as a new feature. As far as I know this is the only possible way is

Note - If someone leaves or is removed from a group chat, their messages will remain in the group chat history

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Hi @Christopher Hoard

Thanks for your replies, similar result as my guess and researches. It is very helpful.

I'll go to uservoice to raise the request.