How to remove (not show) all deleted posts in a channel?

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We just finished our tests on a TEAM. We want to leave the channel GENERAL for important information that we as OWNERS will like to post. May I know Is it currently possible to remove (not show) deleted posts or actions? 

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Thanks @HotCakeX


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I don’t really understand your question..can you explain what you want to archieve?

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Not sure how you would do multiple posts at once, but you can delete each individual post within a channel by clicking on the 3 dots... in the upper left hand corner of the post.

@HotCakeX Thanks for directing me to the right channel.

@Jenny8675 Thanks for your reply. I know how to delete posts, but I do not know whether, as OWNER, I can hide the deleted posts, so that the Channel does not look crowded with unnecessary information. 

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The deleted posts will permanently go away after some time. I don’t remember the limit off top of my head but I think it’s like an hour or less. Anyway only the person that deletes a message sees the “deleted message” spot until the undo timer expires.

Hope this helps. If that’s not it maybe a screenshot could help!

@Chris WebbHi Chris, thank you for the information. You are right, the deleted posts disappeared after a while. However, the actions that were taken could still be seen. See attached. Is there any way of hiding them? @adam deltinger 

Unfortunately no you can’t!

Although there is user voices for this so I suggest Goni. And vote for them here:


Thanks @adam deltinger for your reply. I look forward to having the new feature in future updates. 

Just Delete your Class/Teams