How to remove duplicate messages from a connector?

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Well, here is the story.

Once we added a github connector and it worked well. Then we did "Configure" this connector 2 more times. So for now, the messages sent to this channel is tripled! If there's a way to solve the problem without removing the connector it'll be perfect. But if it's required to remove the connector at first it's also acceptable. But we just don't how to do it. Really need some help here. Thanks a lot.


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Hi @Calvin Liu,

If it is a GitHub Enterprise Connector I think you will have to remove the connectors because I can't see a way to turn notifications off for them.

Try this, in Teams Desktop client

1. Click ... on the channel name, select connectors
2. Select Configured on the left of the popup
3. It should show you how many instances are configured. In your case there should be 3. Select 3 configured and manage for the ones you want to remove
4. Select Remove

By doing this you should be left with 1 connector and 1 set of messages.

Hope that helps to answer your question!

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher,

Yes you're definitely right! Thanks for the instruction.