How to remove cached guest account data from teams

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We have a problem with cached external organization guest account data with some of our users. The problem is that users from an external organization have been using our teams with guest accounts and everything was fine until this external org had to start a new tenant while continuing to use their old domain suffix.


Obviously their old guest accounts stopped working in our tenant after they switched in to their new tenant, but the problem is that even after we have deleted their old guest accounts from our Entra ID some of our users are not able to invite them as new users. The old guest profiles of this external org are cached somewhere in our users teams and when they try to invite users from this external organization again, the teams client (Desktop and Web) just digs up the old guest account info from somewhere and the invitations fail. If some one who has not been working with the users from this external org before are able to invite users from that org.


We have tried to clear the teams cahce (both the classic and the new) but that doesn't clear those old guest account infos from the users teams. Of course we could invite them from the Teams management portal etc, but there are lots of them and the best solution would be that we get that cached guest account info cleared from the users that are affected by this, becaouse they are the ones who know who to invite and in to which team.


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Hello @Tomi Aaltonen,

to remove these entries from the cache, the following folders should be deleted:


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