How to redirect calls in Teams if you are "busy on the phone"

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Hi everybody,

is there a possibility to set up the call forwarding in the Call Center feature to a way, that "busy" is considered "busy on the phone"(an agent actually talking to somebody) and not the status "busy in the agents calendar" for an event.

This means the Agent has an calendar entry with the status "busy" but is actually free for phone calls, It's just that Teams is considering the Outlook event as a "busy" block?!

Can this be circumvented somehow, so that Teams considers "busy" only "user is actually busy on the phone"?

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@Laurie Pottmeyer Unfortunately not, as it seems Teams cannot differentiate between busy in a call and busy in a meeting. So when I want Agents to receive calls while being in a meeting, there is no setting for that.


But thank you so much for your feedback.

@MatthiasP  I agree that this needs to have a solution. It is frustrating to be in a meeting or on a call and have my Teams phone ringing (disturbing) on top of that meeting or call. Also, why doesn't "quiet time" correlate with the desktop app, only on the mobile app? If our status is "in a call", "in a meeting", etc. can incoming calls be muted rather than ring?