How to record a Teams meeting in 1080p?

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Hi all,

We have recorded a Teams group meeting last Friday, and today we tried to watch it on MS Stream, but the highest resolution we can set is 720p.

Is there any way to record future meetings in 1080p instead?



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Microsoft did some temporary adjustments, one of them is this adjustment in Stream: "Meeting recording video resolution adjusted to 720p". So currently the recordings will be limited to 720p.

More information about this in Office 365 Admin Portal Message Center.

@Linus Cansby 


Do you know if they will make it an option to change recording resolution in the future?

I'd love to record at higher than 720p!!!!   My screen is 2560x1440 so fonts and things are garbage when recorded at 720p.  Giving the option for higher resolutions for recording would be good.  @Zyztem 

I would probably set my desktop resolution to 720p or 1080p before the meeting started, or manually record it using other software.

@Linus Cansby — Is Teams still limited to 720p video recording? Is there a Microsoft product that records at a higher resolution if not? Thanks!


@RichBum I checked now and the recording that is saved in OneDrive / SharePoint is 1080p. So if you change so recordings are saved there instead you will see higher resolution.

Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for meeting recordings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Linus Cansby I'ts still as if you recorded with a potatoe :(.  Is current quality really 1080P?

@Marije_M - i hear you. im being pushed to use Teams to record meetings but its garbage. Bitrate is way too low for HD quality...


@microsoft - Why have this feature available if the quality means people cant use it?

1080p but at a crazy low choppy frame rate of 8fps! compared to normally 25/30fps (zoom etc.).

@Linus Cansby I hope this has been changed in 2022, if not its absolutely absurd when you think about today's standard quality is 1080P minimum, and 4K being more and more common.

Do we have any actual report about that limited situation? We were expecting to have Live Events 1080p by begin of 2023 :sad_but_relieved_face: