How to quit a group created by myself

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 As i am saying, how can i quit a group created by myself.:sad:Or any other methods i can reset the group name?

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Do you mean a Microsoft 365 Group or a Team? In the later, as Team Owner you can rename the Team at any time, delete the team or even leave it. In the case of a Microsoft 365 Group, you can potentially do the same as Group Owner, but you need to get access to the Group in Outlook, SharePoint or OneDrive
Doesn´t the groups creator (=owner) first have to assign another owner to the team before they can leave?
I don't even know how to leave the group which i created a few weeks ago(›´ω`‹ )
But how to leave or rename the Team, i can't see any selection on the Microsoft Team app


Click the three dots after the team name and you'll get the options.

I wonder if there will be available to quit this default group, sorry for my vague description@Tomas_S