How to pull channel names from External Teams Tenant to Internal Teams

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I have been using the MS Teams as a regular internal members. Now my company added me as a "Guest" to the "External" Tenant teams.

I can switch back and forth between the internal and the external teams tenant.

When I use the "Power Automate" feature in sharepoint, I can see only the "Channel names" from the Internal Teams account and not the "External Tenants" team name.

I would like to know how to pull in the "External Tenants" Team and its channel to "Power Automate".

i.e. when I use the "My flows" to create a simple flow, I am not able to see the "External Tenants" Team name and its channels.


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AFAIK, you can't do it as a guest. It is a restricted account
Ed is correct. You won’t be able to access external tenants from your tenants power automate. You can have someone create a powerapp or http webhook to kick off flows in the other tenant but as a guest you won’t have access to do much and you can’t be shared directly flows in that tenant to your guest account.
Hi Chris and Ed,
Thanks for your confirmation.
1. So, I assume, there cannot be any type of flows that I can use with the External Tenant using "Power Automate" functionality. Basically "Power Automate" is useless in External Tenant.
2. Any detailed information on how to make the default "Approval status" (through Require content approval for submitted items) functional in Sharepoint?. I am not able to assign a approver(s) to a file from Sharepoint.

@sunshine36 Users of the external tenant can use Power Automate just fine, but if you are a guest then you can not. It make sense, organisations wouldn't want automations running from other tenants effecting their data.


I'm fairly sure that the new Shared Channels feature that is soon to hit public preview will not have this limitation. Then you are not a guest, rather simply a member of a Team that's hosted in another tenant. I've not tried using it with PA yet, so I guess it might need some updates to support in the actions.

Yeah I’d be curious if they add support across tenant like that with shared channels but I highly doubt it’ll work or be in for a long while. We still don’t even have planner app in private / shared channels ;).