How to prevent changes to notification settings in Microsoft Teams?

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Hi community

As part of a Microsoft Teams pilot we have the following requirements related to notification settings:

Inside Microsoft Teams is possible for the end user to select the desired notification settings, but we would like to prevent users from changing this parameters and instead keep all notifications enabled.

I've tried to find a way to achieve this via admin center or by using PowerShell with no luck.

Do you know if this is possible to do?.


Any comment or similar experience is welcome!


Thanks in advance.



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Not possible afaik, we don't have any means to centrally control these settings. Hopefully in the future they will be covered by one of the teams policies, but it doesn't look like we will be getting any desktop client capable of things like applying GPOs...


I guess you can try overwriting the JSON settings file where the settings are stored.


Thanks @Vasil Michev !


Yes, modifying the JSON file could work but we are looking for a more scalable/centralized way to control the settings. The GPO settings could be the best choice, indeed previously I've downloaded the Office Admin Templates but noticed there aren't any for Teams. Any ETA for this?

Thanks again!


@Cristian Vergara umm, why? It's almost certain that different users will have different preferences for their notifications, why is one set better than any other?

Often you find that locking down capabilities in your corporate tools is what drives your users to use consumer 'shadow IT' tools, would your organisations data be more secure if your users liked and chose to use your corporate tools?


Thanks @Steven Collier 

I appreciate the feedback, totally agree with you this can lead to using shadow IT if we fall in a too restrictive scenario.

In this case we would like to make sure users are not able to disable notifications, because even if they are aware of the impact, we identified that in some cases this can have a negative effect in collaboration. So we just want to prevent users from disabling notifications.


@Cristian Vergara feel free to suggest it on, everything is looked at by the product team. The more people who support your idea the higher chance.


It's not something I've heard of on the roadmap.


Don't hold your breath for GPOs, every time we've brought up the question of "traditional" client the answer was "no". Hopefully we get server-side policies to control at least some client settings.

Sometimes the user just needs to be held a couple table for missing or not participating ;). During on boarding I always bring managers along in this area in ways they can funnel everything through Teams and that they will have people using excuses and how to handle them cause there are always those few that refuse to get out of email.