How to Post to Multiple Channels in Teams



Microsoft Teams now supports the ability to post a topic to up to 50 channels at one time. It’s a feature that no doubt some will welcome with open arms, but it does come with a downside. For one thing, multi-channel posts might lead to a form of the email reply-all storm. Another potential issue is that there’s no good way to see the replies to all the messages posted in the target channels.

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Thanks! Can we schedule a post?

@petrus2245 No. At least, not out of the box.


You could create a program using the Graph API to post something as a scheduled job.

@Tony Redmond Do you have any ways to reply for all channels of a Multiple Channels post? My use case is that we posted announce to do an upgrade system on tommorow 9AM to 10AM to multiple channel yesterday. And then today we'd like to inform again that we've finished the upgrade.

I know that we can edit it. But Edit the posts is not shows at the recently update like when we replied the posts seperately one by one.

@obombayo  I don't believe this is possible. Each post is its own message and they're not linked like that.

Send an Announcement / post to Multiple Channels:

@Tony Redmond 


Has this limitations of 50 channels per cross-post been increased? Or would it be increased in the future?

AFAIK, it's still 50. And in my opinion, that's quite enough.