How to migrate from slack to teams free?

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I am looking for migrating steps from slack to teams - can anyone guide me please?


How can I migrate direct messages, files and users from slack to teams?



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Hi, I have no experience from this but adding the MS Docs info

Yes, I have checked that already that article is more about planning and not step by step migration process, precisely I am looking for the free solution implementation "step by step" - currently working on channelsurf, however not sure if that works correctly looking at number of issues it has and process is lil confusing at the moment

Surely not working with Teams free (but then again first time I've seen the question).



Many third-party migration platforms support your requirement in migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Migration cost depends on your need and on the migration provider you choose. Point to note not all the migration providers support all the features. For example, very few migration tools support migrating the Direct Messages. 


Here is the detailed article which helps you with the migration steps along with the direct messages, files, and users migration – Slack to Teams Migration





There are many third-party migration service providers in the market that help you migrate your content from Slack to Teams. The cost entirely depends on the migration service providers. But do you think you’d get all the required features for free? 


Though there are free trials available in many migration tools, it is quite evident that the features aren't enabled. Freebies aren't always useful. You can check this complete Slack to Teams migration tool, if you want an effective migration, without any throttle and no data loss!  


Hope this answered your question. Have more doubts? Drop a comment and I'll get back to you!